Apple launches iOS 9.2.1 to fix bugs



Apple released iOS 9.2.1 for all iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to fix bugs issue and security updates. The update is available via OTA (Over The Air) and should also appear at any time in iTunes. Remember that you can install this version, like any other, you need at least 50% battery on the device or have it connected to a wall outlet.

This release comes just six weeks after the release of iOS 9.2, we remember who brought new languages ​​to Siri and improved Safari Viewer Control, which improves their use third-party applications Safari. In addition, since iOS 9.2 you can also export photos from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using a Lightning to USB adapter.

With respect to the version that was released today and as seen in the betas, iOS 9.2.1 does not come with any outstanding innovation, beyond correct errors, improve the reliability and stability of the system and include some improvement in security. If you are experiencing performance problems, its installation is recommended. If you are expecting a jailbreak, although it has been shown that iOS 9.2.1 is vulnerable, it is best to expect until further notice.

iOS 9.3, first beta already released for developers and public, will come with a handful of important developments, such as Night Shift, improvements in education and the ability to password-protect notes or Touch ID, among other. Given that the next version of IOS is vulnerable to jailbreak and is a remarkable new version, it is possible that hackers wait for its public release to launch the next jailbreak, so we have no choice but to keep taking patience.

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