Apple launches iOS 9.3 for public beta testers



Along with the release of iOS 9.3 beta 1 for the public, Apple has also released an update to iOS 9.3 beta for developers, curiously calling the update as “1.1 beta” rather than “beta 2”.

The first benefits is  the compatibility with the 3D Touch, a touch extremely sensitive to pressure, and the debut Night Shift option, especially useful to try to sleep without being disturbed.

In short, although this is still a beta set to undergo further changes, the operating system iOS 9.3 proves to have a number of peculiarities that will be able, in one way or another, to further raise the quality and aesthetics of instrumental branded devices Apple

Apple wants to solve the issue with a software solution. iOS 9.3, available in beta since yesterday for developers only accredited, it will be possible to activate the Night Shift, which will limit the emission of blue light during the hours normally delegated to sleep. “Night Shift uses the clock and the geo-location of your device to determine the time at which the sun sets in the place where you are,”  Then align the colors of your display to the frequency spectrum warmer, making it less aggressive for your eyes. In the morning, the display will return to normal settings.

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