A new iPhone is released each year, including AppleCare, consist of paying a flat monthly fee. Now the company launched what’s called Trade Up With Installments whose difference is that the terminal is delivered is measured to determine the monthly new phone.

The key is that the user does not have to deliver an iPhone, it can deliver an Android phone or a Microsoft.

Monthly payments for two years in all cases, ranging from $15 to $35, depending on the status of the phone to be delivered and the generation gap that exists between it and the new. For example, switching from an iPhone 4 to iPhone 6S Plus 128GB has a monthly fee of $35.37 per month. Moving from an iPhone 5 to iPhone 6, $14.54 per month. There are no extra costs of any kind, and the terminals are not tied to any operator.

Trade Up With Installments joins the discount value of the iPhone damaged in varying degrees and iPhone Update Program, and is aimed at all the previous generation iPhone handsets. About half of all iPhone are 52 or above, and Apple believes it is high time to upgrade, and alternative-and wide range of prices and possibilities-seem to be the way to go.

The plan comes shortly after confirming that the iPhone is on the verge of stagnation of sales, and the decrease has been confirmed by the company as a forecast for the coming months. (Source: CNET)

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