Apple launches new version of iOS 9.3 to fix activation issues



After Apple event about the iPhone and iPad 9.7-inch Pro presentation, Apple updated a lot of its software. Among the software were all upgraded their operating systems, launching tvOS 9.2, OS X 10.11.4, watchOS 2.2 and iOS 9.3. The last one came with a problem that prevented some users with iPad 2 activate the device, to make it absolutely useless. But Apple knew about the problem and there is already a solution.

A few hours ago, Apple has released a new version of iOS 9.3 with the identifier 13E236 iPad 2, which was the device that was being affected by this problem. This new version resembles other versions that have been released to fix bugs that should never have appeared, such as the Error 53, and does not include any extra novelty. With this new version, anyone with an iPad 2 (the only ones able to download this new version) can install the iOS 9.3 without problems.

If you have an iPad 2 that was affected by this problem, the best thing you can do is put your iPad 2 into DFU Mode, download the new firmware with iTunes and install it. If all goes as it should (and as it should have been from the beginning), once initiated already be activated and a problem that in the worst case has lasted more than 72 hours will end, it is not enough if we talk about having iPad completely stopped.

At this point clunky discuss the innovations that come with iOS 9.3, but most of them are not available on the iPad 2: improvements in the News app (News) we can not see outside US territory, improvements in Notes itself but without Touch ID and Night Shift is not supported for not being a 64-bit device. Based on feedback from users with more modern iPads (as the fourth generation), iOS 9.3 makes the device go smoother. In any case, with this new version already you can have the operating device. That’s something, and in this case is much

Download: iOS 9.3 build 13E236 for iPad 2 Wi-Fi+GSM model

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