It seems like Apple had forgotten watchOS 4 in its last batch of updates iOS 11, macOS High Sierra and tvOS 11 released two days ago. But Apple still have time to test out  watchOS 4 firmware, and that is why this release came so late for Apple Watch. Hoping that the wait is worth it and see a more stable version to solve all the existing errors in previous betas.

Although Apple limits the use of the beta of Apple Watch to developers, many users are not part of this sector, who risk and proceed to install it. When the first performance issues begin to appear, it is when they put their hands to the head and look for some way to downgrade and return to the previous version, which is currently impossible unless we go to an Apple Store.

In this new beta, Apple continues to focus on improving both performance and improving battery consumption, an aspect that was not very fine in the last beta. The main news that will come from the hand of watchOS 4 are in the new areas of Toy Story and one of Siri, who will be responsible at all times to keep us informed of our upcoming appointments, and more …

If this beta brings some remarkable news that will come out as we try this beta, we will publish in this post. I remember, if you are an Apple developer you can download this beta to enjoy it on your Apple Watch. Although we remind you that once you enter beta, you can not go back, so we recommend that if you are a big dependent of your Apple Watch, wait for a more stable beta or directly to the final version that we will see in September a new Apple Watch released.

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