ios 10 kernel

ios 10 kernel

But MIT has discovered something that does not leave anyone indifferent: the iOS 10 kernel is not encrypted …

Why? Because it will be easier for security experts and hackers (good and bad) discovered security flaws in iOS 10. If it is easier to find fault, will also be easier to find exploits that allow a tool is released to jailbreak iOS 10 when it is released, we remember which is scheduled for Fall.

The movement is very strange. Security experts believe that Tim Cook and company have used this new strategy so that people can report security flaws that can be corrected in future releases. Some of these experts say security will not be compromised, but it just be easier to find fault, but from ignorance, I think it’s the same thing: someone can see your weakness and do not use it, but a malicious user you will use insurance.

The hacker says Jonathan Zdziarski agree with this hypothesis, you do not believe that Apple has forgotten to encrypt the kernel because such a serious fault would be like “putting forget an elevator doors.”

In the case of San Bernardino, when Apple refused to offer help to the FBI to unlock the iPhone 5c sniper, the forces of law sought and received help from third hackers, so why Apple has left unencrypted iOS kernel 10 could be reducing the chances that these hackers will sell security exploits the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

iOS 10 beta 1 was released last week, just nine days ago, so still have to wait long to find out what is happening. It is likely to leave unencrypted kernel while the system is in beta, for the community to help them correct security flaws, and re-encrypted when the official version is released. This we will know in September, but hopefully it is true that security will not be compromised.

(Source: MIT Technology Review)

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