Apple Limiting iPhone 7 LTE Perfomance On Verizon


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According to research conducted by Twin Prime and Cellular Insights published by Bloomberg, Apple may be “strangling” the performance of the iPhone 7  LTE connectivity sold by Verizon in order to maintain it On a par with the iPhone 7 supplied by AT&T.

According to these tests, the Verizon iPhone 7 works just as well as the AT&T iPhone 7 does, however, fail to achieve the data transfer speeds it should achieve. The iPhone 7 on Verizon and Sprint models use a different kind of LTE hardware than the iPhone 7 models sold by AT&T and T-Mobile, namely a Qualcomm LTE modem, Rather than an Intel LTE modem.

Qualcomm hardware is capable of reaching maximum download speeds of 600 Mb/s while the Intel LTE modem would be at 450 Mb/s, but the Verizon iPhone 7 equipped with the Qualcomm modem only slightly outperforms that of AT&T. Researchers believe that Apple may be “strangling” the Verizon iPhone 7 by not taking advantage of “a crucial component,” ensuring that all iPhone 7 models operate at a similar level.

What the tests will reveal is that the Verizon iPhone 7 is just “a little bit faster” than the AT&T iPhone 7, but it is not as fast as it could or should be. These tests were performed by comparing the performance of the iPhone 7 on the Verizon network with the Samsung Galaxy S7, which also uses the LTE modem Qualcomm X12. Data collected from more than 100,000 devices that download the same image indicate that the S7 was twice as fast as the iPhone 7.



However Trudy Muller, Apple spokesman said in a statement that there is a noticeable difference in the wireless performance of any of the existing models of iPhone 7.

While the two Verizon and AT&T iPhone 7 models are working at a similar level, previous tests by Cellular Insights suggest that things change and become a problem when the strength of the Signal is reduced. Thus, in areas of weak reception or poor coverage, the Verizon iPhone 7 obviously outperforms the model sold by AT&T while maintaining a stronger connection and allowing a faster lower signal transfer rate.

Bloomberg has also contacted and consulted with other companies that perform this type of network testing and, while claiming that reliably measuring data transfer speeds is very difficult because of the wide variety of factors that can intervene In this, neither have they denied or questioned the results provided by Cellular Insights and Twin Prime.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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