Apple Logo Boot Loop Issue Fix On iPhone with Pangu iOS 9.1 Jailbreak



Pangu released a jailbreak that was worthy of debate between those who think that not much for being released for iOS 9.1 and they can use this tool for staying in that version. Interestingly, it was the same team of Chinese hackers who advised up to iOS 9.2.1 for being too vulnerable to Jailbreak, but it seems that users of the latest version of iOS official will have to wait for iOS 9.3 is released. Like any first version of a Jailbreak, Pangu9 v1.3.0 (v1.1.0 for Mac) can have a failure, as the beginning in infinite loop.

Although it may seem a serious problem, get an iPhone not enter the lock screen after making Jailbreak usually is. Most times quickly solved, although it is possible that has gone wrong and then need to start from scratch. Then we will detail what to do to try to solve an infinite loop when starting an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad after jailbreak.

Restart normally

The first thing we do is restart the iPhone normally. This is pressing the Sleep / off until turned off. Once off, we turn it on normally and see if he can enter the lock screen.

Force a restart

This would be my first choice. In fact, it is the first thing I do when I have any small software problem that prevents me perform some task. Force a restart is done by pressing and holding the buttons of start and rest at the same time to see the apple. It is important not release the buttons until you see the block or, otherwise, just be putting out and restating normally. You follow the steps below to do a hard reset on your device:


  1. Hold down power and home/Touch ID buttons until the device turns off.
  2. Now turn on the device normally by holding down the power button and when you see the Applo logo on the screen, try pressing volume up/down buttons.
  3. Repeat the above steps until the device boots back normally. Give it at least four to five tries.

Start in Safe Mode

This is something that many users do not know, but it is very useful for users with Jailbreak on your device. Upon jailbreak, we also have Safe Mode availablr. When a tweak gives us a problem and restarted only, the iPhone usually enter safe mode, which will allow us to enter and remove Cydia tweak is giving us problems. But sometimes a tweak can not allow the start of the device, for what can force Safe Mode. This is achieved by starting the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as we would normally, but pressing and holding the volume button up until the iPhone finish starting.

Start over again

If all else fails, you can always start over. This would be connecting iPhone to your computer, restoring the device and perform the jailbreak.


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