Apple loses appeal of UK ruling legal battle in patent case against – Samsung



Apple lost its legal patent battle in London’s high court. The Court of appeal has backed a decision that Samsung’s Galaxy tab device is “Not as Cool” as Apple’s ipad design and doesn’t violate Apple’s patents  rights. The Apple Company was instructed to run online & newspaper adverts on both its UK web-site and in British publications admitting that Samsung did not copy the Apple’s ipad design. The internet web notice was to stay active at least 6 months & other adverts in various print media publications as a relief for “damaging impression” Korean company Samsung suffered an effect of the suit. The differences between the design of the back of Samsung Galaxy Tab & the back of the Apple iPad.

The back of the Apple iPad is nearly featureless; Samsung Galaxy Tabs have a different colored section and edge that contains the flash & camera.

Judge Birss ruled that Korean company Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs was not infringing. Birss said – Galaxy Tab is not as cool as Apple’s iPad & consumers are not possible to mistake the Apple’s iPad with Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs.

Apple may take its subsequent attraction to the Supreme Court docket or Apple Firm may need to start its new advertising and marketing fight with Samsung as a result of it simply misplaced the criminal combat.


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