Apple Lowers the Price of BeatsX Wireless Headphones


Apple decided to simply reduce the price of BeatsX wireless headphones, making it available online and the Apple Store in only two colors black and silver models.

Until today, the BeatsX models were available in black, silver, space gray, gold, blue and white, in addition to the UNDEFEATED version. The price went on sale from $149.95 to $119.95

The BeatsX headphones are equipped with an excellent battery, which can last up to 8 hours. Also in this model, as for the AirPods, it takes only 5 minutes to recharge for another 2 hours of continuous listening.

The acoustic design ensures sharp, clear-cut highs and low distortion-free, for a natural sound, regardless of the music heard. BeatsX earphones are also easy to configure: just switch them on and bring them closer to the iPhone to start and complete the setup.

At the same time, they also connect to Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. These earphones integrate the Apple W1 chip for optimal battery management and connection with iPhone.

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