Apple “lucky bags” in Japanese sale begins January 2



In Japan this Christmas fun sale called “fukubukuro”meaning
“lucky bag” will be going on around New Year’s Day for residents of
the rising sun is not only a holiday, but also a day for great
shopping. Most shopping centers open their doors to customers on
January 2.

However, some shops will open in the morning of
January 1st, and while some Japanese returned home after
celebrating the New Year, others will rush to the malls to shop
prior to the opening.The tradition of “fukubukuro” goes back to the
end of the Meiji era. On the first day of the year , around 4-5 am
eager crowd freebie Japanese rushing to the shops. There exhibited
exactly the same packages, priced from Sen to mana.No one knows
what’s in the package. Bags can be felt, smelled, touched, by
weight, but a mystery remains a mystery. Usually things in the
package cost twice as expensive than the cost of


Apple has historically concerned a Eastern
vacation. In line with the reputable observation of the corporate, this
12 months’s adventure will likely be in retailers on January 2 Sapporo, Sendai
Ichiban, Ginza, Shibuya, Nagoya, and Shinsiabishi Fukoka Tenzhin,
beginning at eight am.

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