A few weeks ago, Apple surprised us offering for everyone, iWork office suite through iCloud.com beta. It was not require to have an Apple device to use Pages, Keynote and Numbers, just enough to have an Apple ID and change, access to these applications and 1GB storage iCloud offered.

For a few hours, these changes have also been applied to web iCloud.com, leaving beta status and offering everyone the opportunity to register to enjoy the Apple office suite which allows you to create and edit text documents, presentations or spreadsheets.

This move will make iWork become more competitive with other options such as Microsoft Office or Google applications, alternatives that already had free versions accessible from multiple platforms, including the major computer operating systems and mobile devices.

With the online version of iWork something similar will happen is that with the Internet and have any of the supported browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer), you can edit your documents from any device.

If you have any Apple device and want to see how the online versions of Pages, Keynote and Numbers, simply sign into iCloud.com, register to create an Apple ID and immediately be able to start editing your documents work. If the storage space that Apple offers is too small for you, you need to buy an iOS device to get an extra 5GB  Apple users enjoy for free.

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