According to documents disclosed by the FCC, Apple currently prepare the output of a Magic Mouse 2 and a new wireless keyboard. In terms of changes, the Magic Mouse 2 should not be very different from the previous. Apparently, the design would be more rectangular but still keep rounded shapes. The good news is that an internal battery would replace the batteries, and the other is that Bluetooth 4.2 is part of offering better power savings.

For the new generation keyboard, again do not expect an extraordinary turnaround, but the addition of a battery as well as Bluetooth 4.2 – always with a view of a better battery life..

wireless-keyboard-fcc-800x345Although the images were published by the FCC, it was not until the final announcements to see the actual changes of the two devices. It would be interesting that the induction charging is offered but few get to see it this year. We should learn a little more next February when the FCC will publish the official notices of the Magic Mouse 2, if Apple does it before.

[Via 9to5Mac]

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