Apple Magic Mouse 2, Magic Keyboard,Trackpad Magic 2 are now available



The latest rumors of this year are coming from our ears, of course, the longer that known sites like 9to5Mac throwing these rumors flooding news sites. The iMac 4K takes months and appearing as a rumor seems to be realized next October 13 although many said they would launch with OS X, hopefully no mistake again.

Another rumor seems that soon will come true and that takes time ringing is the renewal of Apple peripherals, the Magic Mouse 2, Magic 2 and Magic Trackpad Keyboard. All these products Apple spent years in the market and with all the advances that Apple has done a complete renovation is needed. Rumors of this renewal are intensified by the discovery of the names of these products in the source code of OS X El Capitan.

Magic-Mouse-2The Magic Mouse needs a strong renewal especially if we consider its thickness could be less sure. A facelift strong need for this product. Both the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad may have Force Touch technology that Apple wants to bring many of its products and for now is available on the Apple Watch, Macbook, Macbook Pro and iPhone, in the future we will see probably in peripheral The Macbook Air and stands to dream … in the iPad Air 3. the price is $79, which is more than its predecessor and the Magic Trackpad 2 is selling now for $129.

Magic-KeyboardMagic-Trackpad-2The Apple Wireless Keyboard seems to disappear to give way to a call Magic Keyboard. This product may incorporate a Force Touch trackpad as already include many other keyboards competition like Microsoft. Still Magic Keyboard may coexist with both the Apple Wireless Keyboard and the Apple Keyboard. As interesting development we could have the keys to the mechanism of butterfly created by Apple and other companies are beginning to imitate. The price for the Magic keyboard is $99 and all accessories are now available at the Apple store online and retail near you.

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