With the brand new iOS 6 Maps application, Apple has increased its partnerships, including one that links it to one of its direct competitors, Microsoft. TomTom is not the only one involved in developing the new version of Maps. While the increases in trace codes recently discovered in the first beta version of iOS 6, Apple would use technology owned by Microsoft …!

Evidenced perhaps some satellite images seen on the new Maps application (right) that are curiously identical to those of Bing maps (left). 
This raises the possibility that Apple may well have appealed to the Redmond company to obtain such data.

Another partnership officially revealed, the one with Waze, a U.S. startup company founded in 2009 and offers its services to traffic information and navigation based on crowd-sourcing. In other words, it works on the principle of recovering as much data from drivers, as they see fit, helping to collect information on traffic. Note that Waze offers for quite some time its application on most mobile platforms.

When Scott Forstall, Apple's vice president in charge of development of iOS, announced the arrival of the new version of the Maps application, there are many who believe that Apple went after various publishers such as TomTom or Waze. However, it is not the case, these two firms, as well as Getchee, Localeze, Urban Mapping, DMTI MapData and Sciences, are all part of suppliers chosen by Apple to optimize up the new Maps application. From all evidence, the Cupertino company has taken steps to get as far as possible to the go-partner Google.


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