Apple Maps Now Offers Real Time 3D Animations


apple 3d maps

Apple continues to improve its mapping system, but little has been done about noise in recent years. The company is aware what caused the “fiasco” when it launched its own navigation system in place of Google Maps and certainly not talk about radical improvements until the tool is to live up to expectations. Apple Maps is still lagging behind in many ways: details, lacks instructions for public transport routes and no live traffic updates, Google Maps covers aspects that long.

The first problem is about to get a big improvement, because it is evidence that Apple will start adding GasBuddy information on their maps. This application collects information from petrol prices through local websites, so you can expect that Apple maps are able to show, in the future, gas stations have the most affordable prices. An interesting move, but it is not the only relevant. Apple has added GreatSchools databases, enabling to locate on maps all types of schools and user reviews.

At the moment, there is no sign that these two developments have already been reflected in the maps of Apple. We probably have to wait a few months to see these fully integrated functions or maybe Apple is reserving all these features for the presentation of iOS 9 in September.

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