Apple Maps Shows Secret Taiwanese Military Base



In the last month, Apple received lot of criticism, given because of the failing maps app  that replaced the Google Maps in iOS 6. Many users complained that they couldn’t no longer find certain locations on the map, but according to  Taiwan News which reported that the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense,  Apple Maps shows just too much information. A secret military base would namely be exposed by the service.

On PhysOrg it can read that several officials claim that there are several secret military bases are shown in the maps application for iOS 6. The Ministry of Defense would therefore have decided to submit a request to Apple to the resolution of the maps at these locations to reduce. To date we have no official response from Apple on the web appear.

The reason behind these complaints seems to be that there is a picture appeared in the newspaper, Liberty Times, on this image, a secret base may also be considered within the northern space of Hsinchu. It could be a priority with a extremely developed base lengthy-vary radar . The development of the bottom could be someplace against the tip of this yr to be achieved. In keeping with militia officers, the Raytheon radar must be capable of become aware of missiles from northwestern China.

A number of sources have indicated that with this new common $ 1.23 billion is concerned, and it might provide Taiwan just a few further minutes when China is the us of a with missiles would assault. The environment between the 2 international locations can also be occasionally been higher.

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