Apple May be Planning a Bigger iPod touch 5?


In keeping with our data, rumors a couple of product between iPhone and iPad iOS are based totally, however fairly an iPad 6 ", it may be an iPod touch that adopts a screen 5 " . This would at least have the merit of explaining the launch in the fall: the iPad 3 of the rumor is actually an iPod touch  5G.


As part of an overhaul of the iPod lineup, the iPod classic might make way for a kind of maxi-iPod touch screen and large memory capacity. The format 5 "would be adopted as part of a larger size screens at Apple, and coexist with a range of 3.5".

This diagonal 5 "(12.7 cm) represents the extreme of the current trend where the screens of mobile devices are becoming larger. The Dell Streak thus has a 5" display, Acer has made the choice of 4 , 8 "21:9 format for its Iconia Smart. The Kindle, meanwhile, offers a diagonal 6", while Sony will use NGP just a screen 5.

Impossible at this stage to obtain more details, such as screen size or definition.The arrival of a large iPod touch rather than a small iPad would allow Apple to avoid reverse itself on the issue of format 7 "for the shelves ( "should include sandpaper for users to narrow their fingers! " ), and provide a new format in a range already very progressive screen sizes of the iPod nano to the iPad.

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