Apple may be planning tocreate its own CDN-network to transfer large amounts of data


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Apple is discussing with major U.S. providers to create its own network to transfer large amounts of data , wrote Ars Technica. CDN- infrastructure will allow the company to strengthen control over the distribution of online content and increase the speed of content delivery . Officially in Cupertino did not comment on this information.

First the creation of Apple’s own CDN network talking in February this year . Then The Wall Street Journal asserted that the Cupertino giant will soon begin to actively spend money on a distributed network infrastructure that will provide new opportunities for the control of data.

According to sources, Apple is actively negotiates with providers in the United States amid preparations for the construction of a network for the delivery of content . From CDN- network Apple will provide distribution of music , movies, applications, and user data in services iTunes Store, App Store and iCloud.

Recently, Apple has significantly increased the volume of online data transmission through the cloud and sales in online stores . It is possible that now the iPhone and iPad maker sights on television . Lately, the company has hired a huge amount of network engineers and communications , as well as increased operating costs and expenses for the internal needs of the company.

” Apple now controls almost all aspects of their services and data . Further delivery of the data. Since Apple does not own the “last mile” , they can not provide full control , but getting your network, they can reduce the overhead to protect themselves from scandals exploration and further tighten control over owners of their devices. “

Apple today relies on content delivery capacity Akamai Technologies and Level 3 Communications, which deliver data to end users worldwide. However, given the recent scandals with the NSA seems logical desire corporations to take control content delivery .


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