Apple may delay 5G iPhone 12 launch for months

iPhone 12 rumors

As we well know by now, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the entire Chinese production chain to close or open partially. Contrary to what was expected just a few days ago, it seems that even the iPhone 12 will suffer the consequences of this paralysis of the production chain.

The Japanese site Nikkei thanks to its sources revealed that the Cupertino company temporarily closed, aware of an internal meeting of Apple’s top management held to evaluate a possible delay in the launch date of the iPhone 12. According to Apple, launching the smartphone now in the current emergency experienced all over the world, could have a more negative impact than expected in terms of sales. Not to mention in which must be added the possible production difficulties the iPhone 12 could face.

The delay on the launch date is not precisely quantifiable at the moment but according to what Nikkei sources revealed, Apple is considering moving the date for a few months, a decision that the company will take only in May when the Coronavirus pandemic in Europe and the United States might be clear. Apple has not yet completely ruled out a launch for September but the recent and uncomfortable news related to the pandemic has forced the company to reflect seriously on the launch of the new iPhone, the first with 5G technology.

Another aspect to be taken into consideration is related to the difficult situation of air travel, obviously constrained by a series of restrictions that make employee travel more complex to China or other countries.

In short, the situation is still to be defined and we hope to find out more in the coming weeks; the specter of a delay in the launch of the new iPhone 12, however, begins to take more and more form

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