Apple May Have Underestimated iPhone SE Demand


Apple May Have Underestimated iPhone SE Demand

The latest budget iPhone SE is already reached all stores in the United States, price and performance are the main attractions of this device that produces profit margins extraordinarily small for what the Cupertino company is accustomed.

Thus, the demand of iPhone SE in US stores is outstripping the stock Apple had planned. Thus, it has been underestimated this device, which some users as I had already predicted would be a hit with all the letters.

The Apple Online Store and physical US are beginning to extend waiting times because they can not meet the demand of iPhone SE. Begin to be planned delivery deadlines arrive almost May. Some telephone companies are encountering the same problem, Verizon and AT&T are also raising reserves to meet demand, it seems that continues during the first month since its launch. The price is becoming too powerful for those entering their first iPhone appeal as well as the need for change among users who are lovers of four-inch devices.

Many were quick to predict a resounding failure iPhone SE, convinced that there is no room in the market for four-inch devices, considered small by many. However, it was quite evident that we were facing a bubble brought about by companies and manufacturers that they summoned us to absurdly large screens with the intention to see a product that really is bad enough, but to show a big screen to very poor decisions.

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