Along with the iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3 and iOS 9 in the work,  there is another version of the mobile OS c serial number 8.4. The new Beats Music will be included in the iOS version 8.4, which is already being developed by Apple for their next release, according to 9to5Mac.

According to the source, the code name for the assembly Copper, in a similar way and called popular ski resort in Colorado. In turn,  iOS 9 codenamed is Monarch, which also intersects one of the ski resorts in Colorado.

The new service will be integrated into iOS and will be an application that can run on iOS, OS X, and for the first time in Android. Apple had never developed an application for rival platform, but launch the service for Android is key to success, because that will reach more users.

While it is logical that iOS 8.4 will arrive before arrival will be other updates. Since the arrival of iOS 8 Apple decided to launch several minor releases under the same number. Currently the newest public version is iOS 8.1.3, but it is also expected the release of iOS 8.2 and iOS 8.3 with minor versions within them.

It is expected that the launch of iOS 8.4 will take place after the release of Apple Watch, so that in the next quarter to wait for her appearance is not necessary. The main innovation in this version of Apple’s mobile operating system will be a music service on the basis of Beats. Rumors about this service, go for a long time. It is expected that it will be integrated in iOS and OS X, as well as acquire the client for Android. In the case of iOS-based solution Beats Music planned to build a standard application “Music”, as mentioned by several sources and analysts.

Not the fact that this initiative will indeed be implemented in iOS 8.4, but Apple still interested as soon as possible to enter the market for streaming music, which has now become the main source of income for the relevant industry, surpassing CD sales and distribution of electronic tracks.

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