Some of the few Apple's screw ups, MobileMe carrier has formally closed down. It is an cloud service for synchronizing and storing data usage which is paid. But as soon as Apple introduced iCloud service, which offers most of the functions offered and MobileMe, it was announced that MobileMe will be shut down. 



Since then, Apple warns users in the fire service and invites them to migrate accounts and supporting data in iCloud . at the time the MobileMe launch was a logical step for Apple, who wished to offer the service in the cloud to their customers which will expand the functionality of the tool. Mac. But from the beginning has been exposed to the problems of high cost of $99 per year, a number of technical problems and failures in implementation.

 Apparently Steve Jobs and I gathered the entire team that worked on MobileMe and blamed them for the destruction of the reputation of the company. So nobody was surprised that Apple decided to completely shut down the service and offer an alternative solution in the form of a iCloud. 


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