Apple modifies rules forcing passcode unlocks of Touch ID devices



So far, an iOS device with the bio-metric sensor Apple asked us we introduced the security code if we had not unlocked the device in the past 48 hours, if we had locked remotely with Find My iPhone, if we had added a new fingerprint or if we had entered an unregistered mark five times in succession. Also asked for the code each time the device is turned off or reboot..

From now on, although Apple did not openly published itself that it has in its iOS Security Guide, any device using iOS 9.3 and expect bio-metric sensor look like your Touch ID is disabled if you have not unlocked the device in 6 days or we have not used the Touch ID in the last 8 hours. What has not changed are the other points, so we will also have to enter the code if you turn on or restart the device if we added new footprints, if we have not unlocked in the past 48 hours, if we have blocked with Find My iPhone and if we introduce a mark not registered 5 times.

(Via: MacWorld)

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