Apple returns to sweep Google as most valuable brand in the world


Apple returns to sweep Google as most valuable brand in the world

Apple has regained the title of most valuable brand in the world, surpassing Google, analysts said Millward Brown. The Cupertino have increased following the launch of the Apple iPhone 6 and Watch the brand value up to 67% over the last analysis, reaching the barrier of $249.9 billion , almost nothing. It may not be a good time to buy shares of Apple, but certainly if to sell.

This report called BrandZ is published annually and exercise last year Google was positioned as a leader in brand value. As we can see in the analysis almost all of the ten most valuable brands belong to the world of technology and communications, but classics such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Marlboro, the latter is said to have slip fault He has come back into fashion denim shirts.

This is the full list of the ten most valuable brands in the world:

  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. Microsoft
  4. IBM
  5. VISA
  6. AT&T
  7. Verizon
  8. Coca Cola
  9. McDonald’s
  10. Marlboro

Apparently these results have not surprised anyone in the world of finance, since recent and successful launches of Apple have mostly been an unprecedented success. According to analysts, Apple, with its relentless focus on the customer experience, as demonstrated with the launch and success of the iPhone 6, returns to the first position with a 67 percent increase in brand value. Brown Milwward used for analysis data from three million consumers and over 100,000 different brands in 50 markets, hence the relevance of their reports.

We do not forget Facebook, which also speak, which has increased by 99% in value after its latest monetization strategies and cross-selling through its own platform.

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