Apple Music Has Over 10 Million Subscribers In Just 6 Months



It’s only been six months since the Cupertino-based company launched its streaming music service Apple Music, the service already reached 10 Million subscribers in Just 6 months,  although compared to the total number of users of the firm’s success can be seen as relative, absolute number of the service begins to convince people .

The Financial Times was the one echoed this information as relevant. In June last year came in an aura of secret and certainly the first music streaming service provided has to cope with Spotify, was Apple Music, and played with the advantage of coming preinstalled on all iOS devices as well as integration with the various applications and iTunes Music range of Apple devices. Over a hundred countries now have the ability to use Apple Music, and its users have reached the not inconsiderable figure of ten million paying subscribers, ie not test users three months, equivalent to 50% of total users pay for Spotify available, a service that reigns for many years.

According to Music Industry analyst Mark Mulligan, if  Apple Music in this upward trend continues, eventually beating Spotify more or less in the second half of 2017, only two years after its launch. The sale of new Apple devices and that Spotify follow without updating the subscription price of their families may have much to do with it, but times change.

Currently, the leading service Spotify continues with the 2nd million paying subscribers, and seems to continue to be, however, are several times that has come to light that the free version of Spotify finishes not be profitable, which can take some time to fully pay back the platform and give the vantage point added to Apple Music you need to overcome.

The important thing about the existence both platforms and competence is not the end result of users, but the disjunction of piracy. On the other hand, Spotify is living what we call the “WhatsApp syndrome”, although users are service improvements and possibilities in other competing services and better prices, still remain in the same environment they they have become accustomed and which began, this is the key to why WhatsApp not succumb to offer customers better service as they are objectively Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

As you know, Apple Music costs $9.99 monthly for a single user and $14.99 for family subscription that allows up to 6 Apple ID simultaneously. Analysts seem to have changed direction vane based on these numbers Apple Music, however, what the end user thinks? We want to know if you are over or Apple Spotify Music and why. From my point of view, although Apple Music offers good content and a complete system interface Spotify ends up being faster and easier to use. (Source: Financial Times)

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