For less than 24 hours, Android users subscribed to Apple Music and music can be stored on the SD card device. As you all know, many (if not most) devices with Android operating system that can expand your storage via SD memory card, which is especially positive to save a few euros without the need to purchase higher for this terminal. This memory may be slower in some cases, but it is perfect for storing therein data such as music, photos, videos and different types of documents.

With this update, Android users can save more music on their devices to the owners of an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, since the maximum available right now is 128GB. Certainly there are applications and devices that can expand the memory of an iPhone (available from third-party applications), but Apple Music can not access external memory.

To avoid confusion I have come to read the downloaded music can not be played on any device. Listen to music downloaded from Apple Music need to use a compatible player with the (iTunes Music OS X or iOS) connected to an Apple ID that is subscribed to the service system. The downloaded files have the extension .m4p where I guess the “P” stands for “Protected” (protected) or something similar. Once we paid, these files can not be played.

The update also adds all times Beats 1 to the application and now you can search for music by composers and compilations. Logically, this search has been available on iOS since its launch in June 2015. Even with all the new features, the Android app is still labeled “beta”.

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