amazon fire apple music

Everything seems to be prepared so that in a few days we have the expected Apple streaming video service. A new service that we know little about but that will undoubtedly bring great content to directly rival: Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Amazon know where the business is, and that’s why they want to add Apple services to their devices with Alexa. After the release of Apple Music for the Amazon Echo, According to CNBC. Amazon has just launched the Apple Music skill for the Amazon Fire TV, now we can listen to music with Apple Music on our television. After the jump, we give you all the details of this new release.

Now we just have to wait for Amazon to follow the right path by inviting Apple to be in its services, especially in view of the launch of the new streaming video service. Apple Music and the upcoming Apple Video service?

Being able to use all the services in the Amazon Fire TV opens a world of new possibilities. We will see if all this also ends up coming to the Amazon Fire TV Stick, or if the giant of purchases decides to launch the Amazon Fire TV in other countries.

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