Apple started the digital music revolution with iPod and iTunes is incorporated finally to competition for market leadership in streaming music and conquer the online subscribers. Apple Music is called, you can try for free for three months, will cost €9.99 per month and offer up to six people with a family plans of £14.99/€14.99  per month.

But the main difference in treatment between Apple and its competitors is certainly the three free months offered to customers. During this period, Apple will pay no royalties to record companies, unlike Spotify and others who fund these free trial periods on their own funds.

Apple-Music-teaser-001Apple Music will be available on June 30. The new service will allow you to listen in streaming all the songs available on iTunes, will have a global radio running 24 hours a day to offer songs of new artists and albums, published music videos in high definition and without ads, and will give the possibility to create custom playlists.

It will also be possible to forge a bond of artificial intelligence because this application promises to be fixed in the likes of those who use it, you will learn from your choices and will recommend new songs.(Source: Rolling Stone, The Telegraph)

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