With the ​​Apple Music iapproaching, there are increasing reports of the artists are not or not fully available at Apple’s streaming service.

How BuzzFeed reports, the album “1989” by Taylor Swift is found in Apple Music no stream end home. The album is therefore still available at any streaming service. This was confirmed by the label Big Machine Records and Apple itself against BuzzFeed.

Swift made last November a stir by remote all their music from Spotify. She said that their music should be consumed in the form of the entire album.

The strategy of Swift’s label does not provide for publication in 1989 also for the near future. Who wants to listen to their music legally has to reach into their pockets therefore to purchase.

Damage has not recorded Swift so. Quite the contrary: Since launching in November they could sell five million copies. Thus in 1989 the best-selling album in the past and current year.

The other albums from Swifts catalog are – as with other streaming services with the exception of Spotify – also be available at Apple Music.

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