The website online iMore has realized that Apple on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 a unique experience deliberate, the place the brand new iPhone 5 and the iPad mini will be unveiled. Nine days later, on September 21, the units should hit shelves. iMore got this information from sources who provided accurate information in previous situations.


iMore was also the first website to report a possibility of a smaller dock connector for the new iPhone 5. The iPad mini at the event will also be announced that on September 12 , along with a new iPod nano. A release date is still unknown. There is nothing known about a new iPod touch, though it is obvious that Apple also announces something new for this product.

Last March there was even more talk about the new iPhone 5 release in October, similar to the iPhone 4S. However, several sources indicated that Apple event has been slightly pushed forward. The website claimed last week according to sources in the Chinese production chain, the new iPhone 5 would be released on  September 21.Then, iMore predicted earlier, the correct date for the iPad 3-event.

Last year, Apple announced the iPhone 4S on Tuesday, October 4. The smartphone came ten days later on October 14th officially, along with the iPod touch into a white version. The iPad 3 announcement was on Wednesday 7 March and followed the nine days later sale on Friday, March 16.

The shift of the iPhone launch in June / July for the Fall, according iMore have something to do with the desire of Apple new iPhone 5 as the main product to be released in the Fall. This attention is pulled away from the iPod models, which in recent years show less innovation and whose quarterly sales. Apple gave all the relevant details on June 11 during the WWDC keynote.

It is expected that the launch of this new iPhone 5 is the best and most anticipated released by many of all iPhones to this day.

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