Shanghai manufacturing facility Pegatron began the manufacturing of the brand new iPhone, suggested with the aid of Digitimes. The website claims the rumor based on Taiwanese sources in the tech industry. It's unsure whether the new is genuine or not. Previously the Japanese website Macotakara claimed that production had begun, but another rumor site that spoke against the claim that the iPhone is still in the EVT3 phase; the third phase of the engineering verification test.


Since the notebook production declined in the third quarter at Pegatron, hopefully the new iPhone production will compensate for that. Pegatron would also be the second manufacturer for a new iPad, in the third quarter numbers in millions of units on the market. Pegatron is one of Apple's manufacturing partners in Eastern China. The fact that the next generation iPhone startin
g now, makes sense if Apple will release the smaprtphone around September / October to the huge demand. The increasing number of 'leaked' components suggested that the iPhone is at least produced on a small scale, though it might be a small series of prototypes that look different that the final product.

Apple' new iPhone to be release a year after the iPhone 4S hit the shelves (October 2011). 'Leaked' photos give us the impression that the iPhone is to get a unibody aluminum enclosure and to be taller than its predecessor. This is necessary in order to have enough space for a 4-inch display screen. And also there is a possibility of supporting 4G LTE and NFC.

The cupertino company on July 24 published a new quarterly sales report, which may also hints at new products to be released. An expected higher sales and prof
its in the third quarter of May 2012 indicated new products. Tim Cook announced during the discussion of the quarterly figures regularly that there are revolutionary products in the pipeline. An interesting detail from an article by The Wall Street Journal, pointed out how well Apple production has been.

Apple gets all money before they pay their own suppliers. In fiscal year 2011, Apple paid invoices from suppliers only after an average of 83 days. In addition, Apple made sure that in 2011 only four days to lay material and products in stock, while it was ten days in 2010.


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