All the rumors and leaks that are being published talk of an iPhone 7 will have a design almost traced to the iPhone 6/6s. There will be some differences such as bands for antennas only at the top and bottom edges of the device or the larger chambers, being the model Plus/Pro two lenses, but the essence remains the same as that presented to us in 2014 . Today, the Wall Street Journal has published information that would confirm all the rumors.

During a meeting held last month with an executive of Apple, one of the Chinese engineers asked why the iPhone this year would not include a major design change, and the answer was that “a person of that meeting recalled that It takes time to implement the technology that is coming. ” The question is: what is it that is coming and has not been able to create this year?

Rumors say the iPhone 8 or whatever you call the iPhone 2017 will fall on the tenth anniversary, will be the first to use OLED screen. But a curved screen should be no reason for the delay of the new design, since there are already several in the market and even the Apple Watch has the curved screen. I have to admit that itches curiosity.

The Wall Street Journal sources also confirm that the iPhone 7 will not include 3.5mm headphone port. And what’s worse, they say the Lightning port is to be used to listen to music and charge the device, so unless we are hiding some information, and we can forget listening to music while charging the iPhone in July.

The Wall Street Journal also confirms that the iPhone 7 Plus will use a camera with two lenses and the quality will be far superior to that offered by the iPhone camera 6s. It also ensures that one step closer to the quality of DSLR cameras while 3D added images, some kind of simulation.

(Source: WSJ)

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