Apple No Longer Signing iOS 10.2, What Will Happen To Jailbreak



Apple stops signing the version of iOS 10.2 to focus on 10.2.1 that was released this month. It has bug fixes and security patches. In addition, tests are already in process in iOS 10.3, which will be launched in the coming months.

How will this affect the users of manzanita? As they can not go down to 10.2 and must stay in iOS 10.2.1. Apple does this in older versions to avoid potential security holes.

The news is bad for all those who have not yet done their Jailbreak or Downgrade software. If you have already done so, you have to be careful with your JB. Version 10.2.1 is an improvement of the same with small changes that probably we do not notice them since they are of system and security. Although 10.3 will be an evolution with notorious changes.

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