Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is also the Android pill however can be now not bought within the U.S. for now. Choose Lucy Koh issued on the request of Apple an injunction. Whereas Samsung has the right to compete with Apple, so the company has no right to do so by unfair means and flood the market with infringing products,Judge Lucy Koh wrote in her decision . They decided in favor of Apple and Samsung to, because the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is Apple's design patent D504, 889 to be similar.

The judge acknowledged that Samsung's sales will suffer from their decision, in their view, but the consequences would be serious for Apple, Samsung's products should directly compete with their own. 
Samsung's argument that a ban would hurt their own relationships with wireless carriers that sell the device, Judge Koh was not valid, then these relationships would be based on products that infringe the rights.

To enforce the ban on sale Apple deposited 2.6 million U.S. dollars for the event, but ultimately that Samsung gets right. In the sum, the parties had agreed.

Here, the injunction applies not only to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but also for every other product that is very similar to these tablets. Samsung had brought to this country a similar decision on Galaxy Tab 10.1 the slightly modified Galaxy Tab 10.1N on the market.

The decision was made in favor of Apple, however, too late, because by now is already the successor, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, on the market. This also explains why Apple has to put up only 2.6 million U.S. dollars to enforce the decision.


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