Apple provided iPhone and iPad various to their very own Maps



Yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook, published an open letter in which he confirmed that the quality of the new maps service in iOS 6 “does not meet the” standards of the company. In his address, he also suggested several alternatives to the service, users can use until Apple modifies their app, among them – Bing, Mapquest and Waze, as well as web-based applications Nokia and Google.


After a while, within the App Retailer was once launched a different part wherein the perfect map functions for iPhone, iPod contact and iPad. About 12 apps are supplied as a substitute for maps:

  • MotionX GPS Force
  • Waze social GPS visitors & gasoline
  • MapQuest
  • GPS with the aid of TeleNav
  • Garmin USA
  • Gokivo GPS Navigator
  • Navigon USA
  • CoPilot Are living Top class USA – offline GPS navigation
  • CoPilot GPS – Plan & discover with on-board maps & guidelines
  • Bing
  • Magellan RoadMate North The united states
  • AT&T Navigator: GPS navigation subscription charge seems on AT&T invoice


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