Apple TV 3G

Apple TV 3G

In the near future Apple will introduce a new generation of set-top box Apple TV, transfers on Friday 9to5Mac. This is indicated by the announcement of the shares , the company made ​​this week. According to the blog , each buyer of the third generation Apple TV will give card iTunes Gift Card $25 par value . Money can be spent on the purchase of music, movies, games and applications from the online store Apple. The campaign will last until March 5 .

Previously, several publications have reported on the preparation of the fourth generation of Apple TV . Also a mention of the new model was found in the firmware iOS 7. Insiders say that the novelty will receive powerful processor , a redesigned interface in the style of iOS 7 and will support new types of content .

If you believe the information leaked out in the fourth pokoleniyakompaniya Apple TV is not just update and completely revise its approach to this unit , which previously played a secondary role. Apple supposedly integrated into the TV component , which will manage the existing cable set-top boxes and TV stations. This functionality , which resembles the approach implemented in the Microsoft Xbox One and Google TV, enables you to watch broadcast TV via Apple TV with Apple user interface on top of the content.

Also, according to rumors, the company is able to integrate into the device functionality Airport Express, which will allow it to act as a base station Wi-Fi along with a set-top . Apple has implemented a similar approach in its network drive Time Capsule, which is able to work as a wireless access point.

Also talk about plans to improve the Cupertino giant game features Apple TV: it is reported that the company intends to add to the set top box support for certified controllers “Made for iPhone”, which can be used to play on the big screen. Presentation Apple TV expected in the near future – in March or April .

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