Apple offers a possible solution to gray Wi-Fi switch in iOS 6


iOs 6.0.1

growing number of iPhone owners complain about issues with a Wi-Fi connection. In the settings of the iPhone is the Wi-Fi switch gray, making it impossible to function on. Reports indicated that the problem persists after users iOS 6.0.1 installed. Apple explains on a helpdesk page how you can try to reset your iPhone, update and restore to the Wi-Fi functionality working again.


Apple recommends the following to try to solve the problem:

  1. Make sure Airplane mode is disabled
  2. Start your iOS device again
  3. Update your iOS device
  4. Reset network settings by tapping Settings> General> Reset
  5. Restore your iOS device in iTunes

You can update your iPhone by going to ‘Settings’, click ‘General’ tapping and selecting “Software Update”. The switch to Airplane Mode can be found on the Settings page of your iPhone. Restore from iTunes do through your iPhone to a computer with iTunes to hang from this program on your iPhone and press the button ‘Reset’ button. This is the iPhone to its original settings restored.

If you pass it with the above method is not in the gray Wi-Fi switch to repair, then you can try to contact Apple.

Apple recommends in the above steps to include the latest version of iOS to install. Perhaps the problem with iOS 6.0.1 certainly has been solved, however you need to reset your community settings and restoration your iPhone by means of iTunes. Likelihood is that the issue in iOS  will nonetheless exists however that the answer has labored for some individuals.

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