iPhone-6s-smart-battery-caseThe iPhone is a good smartphone but not when it comes to its battery consumption. Battery has always been one of the points criticized iPhones, considering this insufficient in most cases. At least it was until it was iPhone 6 Plus, a mammoth model including a battery to its dimensions, so that their autonomy was and remains excellent (applicable also to iPhone 6s Plus).

This is the Smart Battery Case, an official cover created by Apple with an external battery that achieves, according to Apple, up to 25 hours talk time and up to 18 hours of LTE browsing. An additional battery like any other, but integrated into the case, and signed by the company.

iPhone-6s-smart-battery-case2The good thing about that is made by Apple it is that iOS shows the battery level in the lock screen and Notification Center. Of course, Apple has not released its capacity in mAh. It is only available for the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus not for something quite revealing about the differences between the two models of autonomy that the writer of these lines and could see first hand. Available in two colors: charcoal gray, and white.


However, 4.7-inch models continue to have battery life issues, which in most cases will give to finish the day without having to go through the plug and little else. This is something that Apple knows, but that for the time did not resolve directly on the device. In the Apple Store,  you can officially silicone iPhone cases long marketed and holster, but with a small (really huge) difference. On the back of it we can see a great hump protruding from it and hides a battery that will give us a few extra hours of use in our models of iPhone 6 and 6s.

The use of this battery may increase the autonomy of the device up to 18 hours of use for LTE, something negligible for these times. What it is not negligible neither is the price, as this Smart Battery costs $99. It can be purchased from now on Apple’s online store and is available in only two colors, namely black and charcoal gray.

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