Apple finally unveiled the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, claiming to be the most important development of the range since its inception. Their design is completely identical to the one that we have seen over the months, especially with the small protrusion on the back for the camera, and on both models. Phil Schiller took the baton to Tim Cook for detail. Their screen has a “new generation of screen.” In this regard, Schiller said Apple always had in mind to offer two screen sizes.

The definition is called Retina HD, it is available in 1334×750 for 4.7 “and 5.5 for 1920×1080”. Regarding the slab, no mention was made of synthetic sapphire. HD Retina refers not only to their resolution, but the whole design. Behind the polarizer should interfere less polarizing glasses wearers and the IPS panel that offers even better viewing angles filter, backlight was again refined. The whole is topped with a slab of protection not synthetic sapphire, but chemically strengthened glass. As usual, Apple did not specify the identity of the supplier of the slab …

Also at the presentation were informed that the new operating system iOS 8 will be released on 17 September. It will be available for all smartphones, starting with the generation 4S, as well as the iPod touch 5, all the tablets iPad mini and iPad, except for the first tablet released by Apple.

In addition, the company introduced its own payment system Apple Pay, which will work with the help of NFC-chip. The basis of the system is based on a fingerprint reader Touch ID, presented by the previous version of the smartphone.

In conclusion, Cook presented a completely new product – Watch Apple Watch. The gadget will be available in several colors, also will be a version of gold. Watches among other things support the voice, which, according to Apple, may soon become the primary means of communication.

The iPhone 6 Plus will benefit from an interface that can adapt to this size. Message for example we see the avatar contacts instead of a simple list of names. The home screen also benefits from a landscape mode, as all applications that can display two content side by side.


To further facilitate the use in one hand and a double press the home button of the iPhone 6 Plus is down interface in the thumb. If an application has not been adapted to the definitions of the iPhone 6, it nevertheless fit occupying the entire space.
The motor 6 is an iPhone A8, of smaller than 13% of the A7 size. Schiller announced 20% faster than the A7 iPhone 5s and 50% faster on the graphics chip. Phil Schiller has also insisted that the A8 can maintain his level of performance so spread without causing a heater that on the previous iPhone, would need to lower performance. The battery life on the iPhon6 compared to the 5s seems to be doing better.

As M7 seconded the A7, A8 M8 second. This co-processor movement falls continuously measures the accelerometer, the gyroscope, compass and barometer … that appeared in the iPhone 6 This will determine the relative elevation of the apparatus by measuring the variation of atmospheric pressure – for example, count the number of stages connected, or to take a hike in the mountains.


As expected, the iPhone 6 features a 4G LTE-Advanced modem cat. 4, which will allow it theoretically reach speeds of 150 Mbps. It supports twenty LTE bands – more than any other smartphone – especially aggregation carrier. Using a range of up to 100 MHz wide 20 MHz against the best 4G LTE, it will benefit from a more reliable and faster connection. Finally, the iPhone 6 can finally use VoLTE, “voice over LTE”, that is to say, a purely digital voice channel so much better.

Cameras retain their views on the technical characteristics 5s but the sensor nevertheless evolved. There is a phase-detection autofocus that would be twice as fast. Time face detection will also gain as a result. Important difference between the two iPhone, the Plus model has an optical rather than digital stabilization.


Video recording is still in 1080p at 30 or 60 now i / s if you prefer. The slow motion improved with 240 frames per second to capture even more precise movement. The front camera FaceTime HD incorporates a new sensor that gets 81% more light and a burst mode for taking deselfies.

The iPhone 6 is obviously accompanied by covers, available in six colors (black, blue, pink, green, gray and red) and two materials (silicone and leather). The iPhone 6 will be sold for $199, $299 and $399  with a two year contract. These prices correspond to the 16, 64 and now 128 GB. iPhone 6 plus will cost $299,  $399 and $499 with  a two year contract. Both models come out at the same time, as we had confirmed and unlike previous rumors. Remains to be seen what will be the availability of 5.5-inch…

The Phone 5s  and 5c remain on sale. The 5s is down to $99 (with package always) and 5c 8GB is free  now. The new iPhone 6 will come out September 19, with pre-order this Friday.

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