Apple officially announces the new 16-inch MacBook Pro


Apple officially unveiled the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, which is actually the largest laptop currently offered by the company after the farewell of the 17-inch model.

The MacBook Pro 16 is very similar in size to the 15-inch model, thanks to thinner frames and a slightly different design. There is also an updated keyboard that eliminates the butterfly mechanism, which has given so many problems in the past, to return to a more reliable scissor mechanism. 

The new MacBook Pro integrates better speakers with a higher maximum volume, microphones that Apple defines as “studio quality” and AMD Radeon Pro 5000M graphics card, as well as the latest Intel processors.

The display is an LCD with a resolution of 3072 x 1920 pixels, compared to the 2880 x 1800 of the 15.4-inch MacBook Pro that debuted in 2016.

In addition to its display, the performance of the new machine aims to focus attention on pro users, specifically optimized for the needs of those who manage professional workflows. This is the result of the three-year work of Apple’s Pro Workflow team led by John Ternus, vice president of hardware engineering, whose goal is to shape products that are not only computationally fast and performance but are specifically tailored to meet the real-world needs of pro buyers.

Apple says that customers who choose the standard configuration will see graphics performance 2.1 times faster than the previous standard configuration.


500 nit Retina LCD display with a resolution of 3072 x 1920 pixels, a wide range of colors and a pixel density of 226 PPI. The 16-inch display of this MacBook Pro offers almost 6 million pixels. The wide P3 color range produces brilliant and realistic images and videos, also thanks to the narrowband LED backlight


The 16-inch MacBook Pro features a new keyboard with a scissor mechanism that offers 1mm of key travel and a better feeling of stability, plus a rubber top designed by Apple that stores more potential energy for keystrokes are even more reactive. The new keyboard also has a separate physical ESC button, and an inverted “T” layout for the arrow keys, along with Touch Bar and Touch ID.


The 16-inch MacBook Pro uses the most advanced thermal architecture ever in a Mac notebook to allow the system to run at higher power for extended periods of time. The sophisticated fan design features extended blades along with larger air intakes, resulting in an airflow increase of 28 percent, while the heat sink is 35 percent larger, allowing significantly more dissipation than before. Together, these advances in cooling capacity allow the 16-inch MacBook Pro to support up to 12 watts more during intensive workloads than previous models.

Other Specs


To deliver faster performance, the 16-inch MacBook Pro features the latest ninth-generation Intel i9 6 and 8 core processors with Turbo Boost up to 5.0 GHz, delivering performance up to 2.1 times faster than the quad-core of the 15-inch MacBook Pro. The 16-inch MacBook Pro model takes advantage of 2666MHz DDR4 memory and can have up to 64GB

Compared to the fastest 15-inch quad-core MacBook Pro:

  • Music creators can play huge multitrack projects with Amp Designer plug-ins up to 2.1 times more in Logic Pro X.
  • Scientists and researchers will benefit from the 2.1 times faster simulation of MATLAB dynamic systems.
  • Developers using Xcode can compile a code up to 1.8 times faster.
  • Photographers can apply complex photo changes 1.7 times faster in Photoshop.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro incorporates the new AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series graphics card, the first 7 nm mobile integrated GPUs for professional users. With GDDR6 video memory and, for the first time, an 8GB VRAM option, professionals will be able to manage tasks requiring more graphic resources faster. Instead, those who choose the most advanced graphics options will have up to 80% faster performance than the previous high-end configuration.

Compared to the previous MacBook Pro 15 ″ 8-core with high-end graphics options:

  • Video editors using DaVinci Resolve will be able to achieve effects rendering up to 1.8 times faster during color grading.
  • Gamers will experience a smoother gaming experience with up to 1.9x faster performance in titles like Fortnite.
  • In Unity, developers will be able to count on 2.1 times faster fly-through performance in game development.

MacBook Pro features a 100 Wh battery, the largest ever used for a Mac notebook. This battery provides an additional hour of battery life, for up to 11 hours of wireless browsing or video playback in the Apple TV app.

The new MacBook Pro doubles the SSD storage bringing it to 512GB and 1TB on standard configurations. Furthermore, for the first time, it can be configured with a storage space of up to 8TB. This is the largest SSD ever installed in a notebook.


This model also has the T2 Security Chip, the second generation of the Apple processor designed to make everything on the Mac even safer. Inside, the Secure Enclave coprocessor allows Touch ID operation and is the basis for secure boot and encrypted storage functions. The new processor also combines several controllers in one: for example, the system management controller, the audio controller, and the SSD controller.

What is missing is Wi-Fi 6 support on the iPhone, as this MacBook Pro 16 ″ integrates an 802.11ac Wi-Fi chip. The FaceTime Front Camera is 720p.


MacBook Pro 16 ″ integrates a completely redesigned and high fidelity six-speaker audio system, designed to offer musicians, podcasters and video editors a better experience. The new “force canceling” woofers patented by Apple uses two opposing drivers to reduce unwanted vibrations that distort the sound, for sharper, more natural sound and half octave deeper bass. The array of high-performance microphones offers a 40% reduction in hiss and a better signal-to-noise ratio, comparable to that of the most popular pro-level digital microphones. The recordings are thus sharper and cleaner, able to capture any detail.

Prices and availability

Prices start at $2,399 for the MacBook Pro 16-inch, which is available today on and via the Apple Store app. It will be available in Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Resellers in the coming weeks.  

The package includes the 2-meter USB-C charging cable and the 96W USB-C power supply.

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