apple open letter

apple open letter

Even after the dispute with the FBI, Apple is strength for data protection: The company is one of the signatories of an open letter to two US senators who want to enforce with a legislative proposal for data access authorities.

The open letter to US Senators Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein comes from the coalitions Reform Government Surveillance, Computer Communications Industry Association, Enterntainment Software Association and Internet Infrastructure Coalition. Members of these coalitions include Facebook, Netflix, eBay, Dropbox, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and even Apple.

We write to express our deep concerns about well-intentioned but ultimately unworkable policies around encryption that would weaken the very defenses we need to protect us from people who want to cause economic and physical harm.  We believe it is critical to the safety of the nation’s, and the world’s, information technology infrastructure for us all to avoid actions that will create government-mandated security vulnerabilities in our encryption systems.

In the letter, the coalition acknowledge that the bill is certainly meant well: He will force companies that offer products with data encryption, to a possibility of access ready to hold in the event of a request by law enforcement agencies. This could help in serious crimes actually in investigations.

However, the draft law “unintended consequences” would have one hand there is the possibility for third parties, the accessibility, must hold the companies to exploit. Ultimately, therefore, the data theft by hackers or others attacker would be much easier.

On the other hand it is not possible to establish such a “back door” in the operating system only for American authorities if the companies were even forced to establish such, many other governments might follow suit and force companies, also to grant them access. Between the lines, the signatories warn well especially regarding undemocratic regime.

The White House, ultimately in dispute Apple against FBI was after all behind the authorities – the FBI is under the US Department of Justice – has decided not to support the bill of the two senators. It was said, let one of the US government too far to make the non-establishment of such a “back door” to the offense.

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