Apple opens a second sapphire production plant in Massachusetts



Apple opens a new sapphire production plants in Massachusetts, according to Seeking Alpha. The enterprise will be installed with  GT Advanced Technologies equipment, which is used to make protective sapphire glass. Under the agreement, GT Advanced acquire and install the necessary equipment, as well as will its service. According to the sources, the production plant in Massachusetts will supply 20 million sapphire screens per year in addition to the 200,000 million Apple supplied from the factory in Arizona.

The Cupertino based company uses sapphire to protect the iPhone’s camera and  Touch ID fingerprint sensor , built in the Home button at the iPhone 5s models. Everything indicates that in the near future, smartphones and tablets display will also be made not from only from popular glass Gorilla Glass, but  sapphires also. Sapphire is the world’s second strength of the material after diamond, and it is much harder than glass.

Earlier analyst Matt Margolis from Seeking Alpha said that the sapphire  production plant in Arizona can fully ensure the supply of Apple materials. At this point, the factory has about 2,500 special furnaces, which produced saphire materials for Apple mobile devices.

Later, Economic Daily denied this by saying that Apple has a volume of sapphire only computerized iWatch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6. Version of the new 4.7-inch screen will supposedly use the traditional smartphone Corning Gorilla Glass. Furthermore, it was argued that due to the limited supply of sapphire panels, iPhone 6 with 5.5 inch display will be in short supply until the end of the year.

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