Apple and Cisco are partnering to help companies using Apple hardware and software services  to be able to benefit from cyber risk management solution insurance system developed by Allianz SE.

The collaboration between Apple and Cisco continues after the first agreements a few months ago. The goal is to ensure maximum security for companies that use hardware, software and services of the two giants. Tim Cook presented this new initiative: “We are thrilled that insurance industry leaders recognize that Apple products offer superior IT protection.”

Allianz, in fact, reiterated that Apple products and Cisco services are among the safest ever for cyberattacks, but to protect companies as much as possible, an ad-hoc insurance is now proposed, initially available only in the US.

Insurance protects companies from ransomware and malware attacks on Apple and Cisco products and services. The use of Apple and Cisco products allows Allianz to offer a lower deductible for cybernetic insurance coverage, as well as more flexible terms:


The choice of technology providers plays a critical role in any company’s defense against cyber attacks. That’s why, from the beginning, Apple has built products from the ground up with security in mind, and one of the many reasons why businesses around the world are choosing our products to power their enterprise.

iPhone, iPad and Mac are the best tools for work, offering the world’s best user experience and the strongest security. We’re thrilled that insurance industry leaders recognize that Apple products provide superior cyber protection, and that we have the opportunity to help make enhanced cyber insurance more accessible to our customers.

If a company is attacked, Cisco and Allianz will provide cyberattack response services to help companies get back on their feet as quickly as possible after a malware attack.

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