Apple patches Siri, now not says that Lumia 900 is highest smartphone


The experiences of Siri answer to the question "what is the best smart phones that has ever existed on the market" made the rounds of course, because it was not the iPhone from the Apple Language Assistant was convinced, but the Nokia Lumia 900.

Well surprise, but above all, that the teem Lumia devices apparently not with self-confidence, because the same question referring to the Windows-language assistant to the iPhone.

Well, one can certainly argue about the importance of this information and this dispute if necessary, but basically it should be noted that the language assistant Siri on data from Wolfram Alpha is based and is not pure charity, and the recommendation of Nokia Lumia 900 on a simple Web search back.

What I have in the article "Apple's language assistant Siri: Lumia Nokia 900 is the best smartphone "emanated, has now come true too, because Siri has fundamentally changed his mind. The opinion of Wolfram Alpha is no longer relevant, because who is now Siri the question of the best smart phone, you get two different answers and you may well say that these are also quite funny, at first glance. In the first variant is the Siri counter question: "Wait, there are other phones? and in the second it refers to the device that you hold in your hands.

Siri is based on Wolfram Alpha, the Nokia Lumia were 900 preference, Apple changed this, simply because that response was certainly not in the interests of the company.Especially in this case is caused by a disaster not sure, but it gives one to think that.

Because the key question is which one must not stand here, which is the best smartphone, but: Is Siri actually an objective and independent source of information, or simply the interests of the group in the foreground?

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