Prior this yr, a couple of sources record that Apple "in-cell" expertise goes for use for the computer screen of the new iPhone, this technology enables the display of the next iPhone a lot thinner. AppleInsider has now discovered that the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has granted a patent to Apple that describes technology.

This patent describes how the in-cell technology, the touch-screen layer and integrates this screen is thinner, lighter, cheaper and better image quality would be.

The current iPhone models are all still using old technology, a touch screen topped with a layer. Thanks to the in-cell technology, it is possible to make these two layers together, the same electrodes which are used for the screen will also be used in order to detect touching.  This screen is not only thinner and lighter, but would the same electrodes are used because the accuracy of the touch sensor should be better, therefore a higher-resolution touch screen without the price of the screen increases.

The Apple suppliers Sharp, Toshiba Mobile Display and LG have reportedly all the know-how to this in-cell screens to develop the new iPhone. The use of in-cell technology is bad news for TPK and Wintek, both suppliers of the previous generation iPhones, because both can not meet the demand of Apple and therefore will not this time in the production of the iPhone 5 are involved.

The use of technology can mean two things: a thinner and thinner iPhone or an iPhone with the same thickness but more room for more internal components, such as a larger battery and features such as 4G/LTE. The new iPhone 5, according to various sources for some time in production, in recent weeks we have seen many parts. The general expectation is that the iPhone 5 during a special event on September 12 will be revealed.


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