Apple Patent points to Thunderbolt in future iOS devices


There have been now several patent applications from Apple published by the American Pantent & Trademark Office. Three of them deal with Thunderbolt, including one that refers to support for Thunderbolt in iOS devices. This indicates that the connection in due to the iPhone will be available.


Thunderbolt is an alternative to USB and is already present on the iMacs and MacBooks. The speed is 20x times faster than USB 2.0 make it possible to speed data between your iPhone and computer to exchange. Recharging the battery would Thunderbolt also much faster. Other patents describe the basic properties of the Thunderbolt connector and how the wires are arranged in the cable.Also discussed is how to heat is gone. Apple patent applications sometimes need to protect themselves against future claims, so it is not really the technology that the iPhone will be used.

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