Already in January that Apple was once excited about a common far off in your TV and different units. A latest patent application shows how this technique might work in practice. From an existing remote you can shoot with your iOS device and upload it in the cloud. You will then automatically create a virtual copy of your remote control you can use immediately. 

It would then only the buttons are displayed that you actually need and this would be the number of remote controls for all your various devices to bring back drastically.

The advanced remote control Apple would iOS device with infrared receiver. In addition to the infrared receiver, the cameras and microphones can be used to improve the remote.So would you phone the logo of the television may or may scan on the basis of sound are determined to show what you are watching.

If Apple decides to actually remote to develop, this can work in many settings the future. If you now want to use a universal remote, you usually find their codes and that can be very time consuming. Making a picture of the device is much more convenient.


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