apple patent

apple patentApple patents often solutions , which is not used in serial production , and most often it is electronic products design elements or software . Sometimes patents related to the company’s services – software solutions that give additional device functions. New Apple patent describes a technology advanced answering machine for the iPhone.

As planned by engineers in mobile phones Apple may receive special treatment voicemail calls with the ability to listen in real time. Due to the nature of modern telephony , the function can only be realized with the help of a third-party service.

Proposed Patent technology works in a similar way with some models of stationary autoresponders. If an iPhone user for some reason does not want to answer the phone , he can turn on the answering machine. In this case, the caller , phoned to the user, automatically switches to voicemail. But when the user begins to slander message – and this is the main “trick” service – iPhone owner hears his voice in real time. After listening to part of the message a person can at any time disable the answering machine and start a conversation with the caller if the call proved important.

apple patent

The patent , entitled ” Screening for audiozvonkov voicemail system ” went manufacturer iPhone from the Canadian company Nortel Networks. Consortium Apple, RIM, Ericsson, EMC, Sony and Microsoft in 2011, won the auction for the right to ownership of its development . Later it was revealed that Apple is the largest share in the remaining four participants and her own most of the patent pool Nortel.

Apple ‘s plans to introduce an advanced answering machine in the iPhone, not yet reported .

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