Apple patents new TV remote with built-in fingerprint sensor



While it was expected to find a new Apple TV a few weeks ago, The USPTO has granted the California firm three new patents describing an Apple TV remote which embark Touch ID.

In detail, the Touch ID, discovered with the iPhone 5S and now present on the latest iPhone / iPad, would save up to 4 user profiles with 4 different imprints. The objective is that the remote would be able to know who is this person and offer them personalized contents, but not only …

It also might know what the preferred settings for each user, and we imagine that Apple will offer even more customization options.

And who says Touch ID says some security. For example, the fingerprint reader would also have the effect of blocking certain content to children as parental controls.

If these ideas are good, it does not mean we will see this year, or even a day. We know only that the firm patented too many things, and most remain at the bottom of a drawer or in a suggestion box.

(Source: USPTO via AppleInsider)

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